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G.M. Refractories (GMR) is a sales & service company specializing in refractory work for new and existing installations of commercial and industrial furnaces, incinerators.  GMR has been servicing Michigan, Ohio and Indiana since 1980.

G.M. Refractories Inc. maintains a complete inventory of refractory products to meet our customers needs.  Our warehouse is located in southeast Michigan to provide quick delivery and turnaround.

Why choose G.M. Refractories, Inc. for your next project?  GMR employs qualified Masons and Superintendents with the proper knowledge and training in refractory construction.  GMR can assist with new construction, refractory maintenance or refractory repairs.  GMR can assist you with all your refractory needs and is available 24/7.

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Installation & Repair

  • Aluminum Furnace Linings

  • Industrial Furnace Repairs

  • Heat Treating Furnaces

  • Reheat Furnaces

  • Rotary Kiln Linings

  • Tunnel and Shuttle Kilns

  • Dryer and Combustion Chambers

  • Incinerator Rebuilds

  • Stack and Duct Linings

  • Ladle and Crucible Linings

  • All Types of Refractory and Related Work

  • Pumpable Insulation



Refractory Materials & Sales

  • Conventional Castable

  • Gunning Mixes

  • Plastics

  • Mortars

  • Pumpable Mixes

  • Ceramic Fiber Blanket

  • Paper

  • Boards

  • Mineral Wool

  • Gasket Material (Rope, Bolt Hole, Ect.)

  • Insulating Firebrick

  • Super, High, Medium Duty Firebrick

  • Tiles

  • Special Shapes & Precast



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