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Plibrico Material Sales

Plibrico Company, since 1914, has been an innovative leader in Monolithic Refractory products and applications.

Plibrico manufactures a complete line of quality high alumina and alumino-silicate monolithic refractories for whatever your application may be. In addition, Plibrico provides exceptional technical and engineering support services to assure the correct product choice and best design.


G.M. Refractories, Inc. is your local Plibrico distributor for Michigan.  GMR stocks a full warehouse of castables, plastics and insulation for quick turnaround.  GMR can deliver material from the bucket/bag to the truckload to you quickly.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

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Application Guides


Plibrico Dry-Out/Bake-Out Schedules and Material Data Sheets

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Please contact G.M. Refractories, Inc. for correct material specifications, applications, and Dry-Out Schedules for your application.

Please call or EMAIL for further assistance.


Fix Hot Spots Now

After a hotspot is located, a special coupling is welded to the steel casing.  Plibrico's Injec-Tite LWI 2300 is then pumped through the coupling with an air operated pump.  The refractory fills the void left by the missing refractory and quickly sets.  It also flows into voids around tubes, anchors, burners, and other areas prone to damage from flame impingement. Once sufficient material has been pumped, the coupling is sealed off and the hot spot is eliminated.


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